The Bear Stories – The BS Strips
It’s The BS Strips, or do you fucking care? Of coarse you do! It’s full of BS and 32 color pages of cartoon madness bringing you more zany adventures of the lovable rude and obnoxious bear.
$18.00 USD shipping included.

The Bear Stories Volume One
For fans of Adult Swim, this comic is right up your alley. The Bear Stories is about a rude, crude bear living in the city. He can say and do anything he wants because – well, he’s a cute cartoon bear! Hilarious and explosive encounters between The Bear and everyone else he meets highlight the incongruity of a giant grinning bear running rampant among the ordinary citizens of a teeming urban metropolis.
ISBN: #978-0-9809103-0-8. Graphic Novel.
$9.98 USD + shipping.


The Bear Stories Volume Two
The Bear is back and the depravity continues! Not for the easily offended, prepare for shock, awe, and laughs in this glimpse into a day in the life of the foul mouthed Bear. Picking up from where Volume One left off, Volume Two continues the adventures of the degenerate and naive Bear as he crosses path with a random cross-section of characters, not the least of which are The Bear’s favourite: the ladies.
ISBN: #978-0-9809966-1-6. Graphic Novel.
$9.98 USD + shipping.

The Bear Stories Plushy Toy
He’s cute, he’s cuddly and he’s a real jerk! What you wanna do with him is your business.
This wonderful 10” Bear plushy is hand crafted with loving care right down to the stitched-in leathery facial features over his soft furry body.

His subtle features continue with the addition of little black paws on the underside of his little bear hands, finished with an official Bear Stories label. Awww he’s so cute you’ll want to take him home with you.
$24.98 USD + shipping.

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Toronto, ON M5V 2A4 Brampton, ON L6Y 1N7 Chicago IL 60622


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